Tuesday, 10 July 2012

City Assays Vitamin D Blood Spot Test
How much does it cost? 
Orders for kits after 1st April 2012: £25 to UK/Ireland and £30 Overseas Bulk Orders after 1st April 2012: We offer a discount for orders of 10 or more kits, paid by card at the time of order (£20 UK/Ireland and £25 Overseas).

I've used these people and their service is fine.
You order the kits by phone.
They arrive by first class post pretty quickly. I ordered Friday, (late afternoon 4.30pm) and they arrived Tuesday.
You drop blood spots onto test strip and fill in your email address and details. Return in reply envelope.
 They email the result in a 2~3 of days after they receive the sample back.

 If anyone wants to use the surplus kits (I ordered 10) then please email me your address and I'll be happy to post them to you at COST PRICE plus the cost of postage.
They aren't very heavy so large letter postage rate is all that's required.
My email is swabymanor@googlemail.com

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lightcan said...

Hi Ted,
Thank you for all your posts.
Is it clear or proven that supplementation with vit D3 over let's say 2000 iu per day for an adult is not harmful given that humans haven't consumed it but got it from the sun on the skin? Have you read about this controversy?